Sneha Narayan’s interview at Ananya Kalasinchana – Art Magazine.

Her commitment to the content and its execution to the fullest extent was very evident in the program which delighted the audience.

– Soma Skanda Budugur.

… “Now I Want To Contibute to Bharatanatyam” …

– ‘Interview’ by Rani Devalla
– The Hindu, Vizag edition.

… “Her potential in both ‘nrutta’ and ‘nritya’ came to fore. Her grace, beautiful expression caught the audiance throughout the programme. No doubt, she has good future in the years to come” …

– Mysore V Subrahmanya
– Deccan Herald

…”Her dedication to art was reflected in every presentation “…

– Dr Rama V Bennur
– Star of Mysore

…’ was replete with charming glimpses” …

– Madhavi Ramkumar
– The Hind

… “Mesmerising the audiance with grace and poise. Captured the stage with style and elegance. She is extremely expressive” …

– Deccan Herald

… “She won the appreciation of art lovers through her attractive facial expressions, the neat portraing of the characters and brisk rythemic movements” …

– S NanjundaRao
– Prajavani

… “A doll, an added feather on our crown. She is blessed a bit more with an attractive face, expressive eyes and the gracefull movements” …

– Vijaya Vaman
– Charwaka

… “ The dancing gets uplifted with the nuances like attractive gestures, graceful movements, powerful expressions, stage presentation, confidence and energy. Imbibing all of them she proved that she has an ability to grow into a promising artist.”…

– A R Srinivasa
– Mannina vasane

… “She could ably portray the ‘vatsalya’, ;vismaya’ and ‘bhakti'” …

– S Nanjund Rao
– Prajavani